Ceremonies are integral to maintaining wellness, balance, and harmony between us, our communities, and the natural world.  We believe each day is a ceremony, and this mindset helps us to be intentional with every thought, action, and spoken word.  We recognize the reciprocity of the universe, and that in order to receive, you must first give.  


People have come to Chavin for thousands of years in search of healing, and they continue to come today.  It is a very energetically powerful place.  We conduct many types of ceremonies depending on the needs of the group or individual.  We work closely with our native plant medicines including huachuma (san pedro), coca, and tobacco.  Ceremonies may take place in the mountains, by the river, or in the ancient temple itself.


The ceremonies not only help us keep the ancient traditions alive, but allow us to find peace and clarity in an increasingly chaotic world.  It is our mission to share this healing and restorative work with those in need.